No Black In The Rainbow

By Lawrence Gayle
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A young man journeys through life experiencing events not of his own making but what the realities of life thrust upon him in No Black in the Rainbow. The simplicity of expressing inner feelings is an organic encounter rather than being laced with sophisticated words devoid of meaning. Involving the ever social discussion of black and white, and the issue of ethnic sharing, Lawrence Gayle reminds us that there is good to be derived from evil, and vice versa.

About the Author

Lawrence Gayle emigrated to England in 1962. He worked at a variety of jobs as a postman, telephone operator, chauffeur, accounts clerk, and welder’s mate. Gayle studied at the University of London and taught secondary girls’ school in maths and science. Gayle has traveled extensively in Europe and returned to JA in 1973. He holds a bachelors in EedDip. Mass .Comm. UWI- MA in Mass Comm. University of Syracuse.

Gayle is a radio and TV producer with his own shows in JA. He owns export/import business-travel in South America and the Caribbean. Gayle raised two boys after his wife died of cancer. He married again and had a son and daughter. He loves board games and pub darts, and won many trophies in JA. He is presently employed in Gwinnett County Public School as a substitute teacher. He gives to charity to help abused women.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 134