Night Shift Diary

By R. August King
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In her candid and insightful Night Shift Diary, R. August King shares some of her memories of her eighteen-year career in nursing. Starting with her early experiences as a nineteen-year-old LPN, Ms. King offers the reader a glimpse of what motivates people to devote their professionaland often personalenergies to caring for others. You will also enjoy the humorous journal entries Ms. King shares with her audience.

In the Intensive Care Unit, the author and her coworkers saw patients and their families in some of the most tragic of circumstances. In an environment few outside of the healthcare industry understand, they share patients struggles and successes, and each nurse must learn to balance professional care with personal sentiments. It is this growing sense of capability and confidence that illuminates Night Shift Diary.

About the Author

R. August King worked in critical care nursing for nearly two decades, completing her RN degree before earning her MBA and following a new career path in healthcare-related business and finance. Married with two children and two stepchildren, she is also a private pilot and is actively involved in doing rescue work for injured animals.

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Published: 2010
Page Count: 48