Nicky The Psychopath & Rose The Christian [Till Death Do Us Part.]

By  Lewis [the mask poet.] Fishburne
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Nicky the Psychopath & Rose the Christian is a tale of a love that is distracted by two unlikely lovers, one being a drug-dealing psychopath who loves writing poetry and dressing up in women’s clothing as a disguise to satisfy his insatiable need to kill. The other is a faith-loving Christian who is making a difference in her life by pursuing a career in the medical profession.

Rose is the apple of her parents’ eye, a good child, very responsible and respectful towards family and friends. Rose was raised with good intentions that laid the foundations for her to succeed. But she became lost to what her parents were unable to teach, which is how to control one’s feelings and emotions. And so when loneliness sets up its residence within her, it opens a door to evil and it rears its ugly head, during her daily routine as an RN at Philadelphia General Hospital. Welcoming in Nicky James, the neighborhood psychopath, from there he causes the havoc that ultimately destroys her and her family’s existence. 

About the Author

Lewis [the mask poet.] Fishburne has always loved to sing and write. At an early age, singing was his first love, leading him to join an R&B group named Jersey Love and then on to a Gospel group named Gospel Harmony. He was adopted by his aunt and her husband at the age of six months. During that time, his name was Louis Jackson until his sixteenth birthday, when he was made aware that day he was going to meet his real mother. At first it was very devastating, but he learned to live with the change. Or did he?

When the day of choices arrived at his doorstep, he chose to fall from grace, made a conscious decision to become a weed dealer, and started hanging with a group of unscrupulous people. But then it was time for him to make another life-changing decision.

Today Lewis follows the truth of Love thy Neighbor and stays in prayer. He tries to always forgive those who have wronged him, forgive himself, and become accountable for his actions. 

Published: 2022
Page Count: 214