Nfl Behind: No Father Left Behind

By  Tonya Fenzl, RN, MSN, APRN, CNM
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About the Book

A Certified Nurse Midwife with 30 years of maternal-child healthcare, Tonya Fenzl has gained much insight along the way and in NFL Behind she shares with and educates the fathers-to-be so that they can participate and understand the process of giving birth to a (their) baby.

Many expectant fathers often feel lost and left out, so NFL Behind is essentially a self-help book for dads that appears to be about football so they can read without fear of their peers’ harassment. It is full of facts and to the point, as men often are. Enjoy this guidebook that is free of the emotional fluff and adds pearls of wisdom to assist in the process.

About the Author

Tonya Fenzl is a Certified Nurse Midwife, a consultant for hospitals and clinics, and a professional expert witness for legal cases. She is an educator and a global health volunteer.

Tonya has been to Somalia and trained midwives in Africa, and she has been to Haiti and educated women on safe birth in their huts made of banana leaves and sticks. An instructor teaching young student nurses how to be labor and delivery nurses, Tonya fights for the life of unborn babies and for freedom from sex crimes. She is also a wife and a mother to five children.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 30