New And Collected Poems

By Roger Wayne Turkington
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Our love is now a tangible reality,

a free-standing entity, yet running free,

Larger even than you or me,

Stronger than anything else will be.

Our love is a century-old strong oak tree,

A monument set high upon a hill,

Tested when in health or when ill,

It is a gift given to behold by you and me.

The awardee of the American Medal of Honor, the World Freedom Medal, International Man of the Year 2002, and the Distinguished Service Cross, author Roger Wayne Turkington shares with us his eclectic collection of poetry.

About the Author

Roger Wayne Turkington is a graduate of Harvard Medical School. He devoted fifty years to the science and practice of medicine. Publications of 170 books and original studies were augmented by visiting professorships in 22 American medical centers and in seven European countries. In 1985 he gave the Nobel Lecture in Stockholm.

Roger’s interest in poetry was encouraged by his contacts with Robert Frost in the early 1960s.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 428