Never Hesitate

By Arthur V. Johnson
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Ant and Ty-ty are two cousins who are bonded by blood and have a very close relationship, like brothers. Ant was raised in a two-parent home in the Irish Channel, which is considered a mid-class section in Uptown New Orleans. Ty-ty, on the other hand, lost his father to the most evil Angola Penitentiary in Louisiana. Ty-ty was left to be raised by his mother and the streets.

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina devastates New Orleans. Ant and Ty-ty never knew the water could wash the cousins all the way into New York, but they will soon learn how rotten some apples can get. Will the two southern cousins overcome all obstacles that they face?

About the Author

Arthur V. Johnson is currently incarcerated in St. Bernard Parish Prison in Louisiana. He has God to thank for giving him the strength to wake up each and every morning and giving him Annice Falkins, the love of his life.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 200