Never Anger An Apex Predator

By Guerdon Monroe
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In a long abandoned hydraulic diggings, three lifelong friends dispose of the last bit of evidence tying them to the previous year’s assassination attempts and cold-blooded murders. Benjamin (Whit) Whittingham, Greyson (Grey) Milner, and Ned (Abe) Penrose survived but at a great cost. Ned’s new love, Allyson Chandler, bled out due to a killer’s stiletto. Grey’s volatile girlfriend, Veronica Sanchez, simply disappears. Whit’s, Katelyn Summers, recoiled in shock when she learned of his violent methods of revenge. She walked out of his life. The sole consolation for Whit, Grey, and Ned, after eighteen months of hell, they still had each other. Whit tried to forget his Kate, but time only made life without her pure anguish. He embarked in an all-out effort to find her. Unfortunately, at the same time, old enemies and new ones made other plans for Benjamin Whittingham. They joined forces to make sure Whit never turned forty-two. Whit quickly realizes, with humans, as in nature, never anger an apex predator.

About the Author

Guerdon Monroe retired after 44 years of working in the forests of Northern California. Mr. Monroe continues to participate in numerous appointed positions on county boards, councils, commissions, and special districts. He spends his free time fly-fishing in Alaska and Montana, bird hunting in Nevada and South Dakota, restoring Goldrush and Comstock era cabins, and vacationing in Kauai with his life-long friends.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 242