By Josie Thoms
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Neomi is an erotic novel that delves into the questions of normalcy, morality, and acceptance. The story is told from the first-person perspective of the main character, Kan Hickman. While going for a random afternoon drive one day, Kan finds himself in a town he has never heard of before. Neomi is a picturesque town and exudes a welcoming atmosphere and a warmth that is no longer common these days. He makes new friends quickly upon his arrival and falls in love with all that Neomi offers and represents. The residents are like-minded and united by one similar belief: that Morality, sexual morality specifically, is a personal choice and not to be judged, named, identified, called out, or otherwise restricted in any way by the other members of this collective society as long as it doesn’t interfere in the lives of others. It is an identity of free will and free choice, accepted by all. The residents of Neomi have independently found their way here over the course of time and are free to leave at any time, but none ever have or want to either. There are singles, couples, and groups of all gender identities living here in unison, each contributing to the community with their own special gifts or talents or chosen professions as they will. Neomi is a story filled with mutually wanted sexual exploitations, the finding of one’s true sexual identity and the story of the power of true love and acceptance without the prejudices of society that prevail in the world and in laws today.

**Contains adult material**

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 238