Neanderthals To Nations

By John S. Hill Ph.D.
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A History of Everyone

About the Book

Neanderthals to Nations is a one-stop read in understanding why the world is as it is today. The book starts off in the 21st century with the world suffering from developmental inequities, global violence, and climate change. It then explains how the architects of human destiny- geography, culture and technology- shaped the planet and its people to become what we are today. Starting fourteen billion years ago, the story takes the reader back to the present day, explaining how nations and people evolved to become what they currently are.

Along the way, the reader discovers:

  • What “www” really stands for (and its not “worldwide web”);
  • How Confucius made China great;
  • The keys to the U.S. and China’s current governance systems in ancient Greece;
  • Religion; why the East is (still) inscrutable to the Western minds, how religion evolved and why it continues to be popular today;
  • The U.S. Constitution came from where?;
  • How the pope determined the cultural destiny of Latin America;
  • How the Suez Canal and oil remade the Middle East’s Future;
  • The evolution of country cultures: how the U.S. , British, French, German, Latin American, Chinese, Japanese and others came to be as they are today;
  • Why the Palestinians and Israel are at loggerheads, why 9/11 really happened and
  • How racism began and continues.

About the Author

Born and raised in Leicester, England, John S. Hill. Ph.D. was educated at Alderman Newton’s Boy’s School. Aston, and Lancaster Universities. He worked in Manchester and London before moving to the USA to complete a Ph.D. at the University of Georgia in International Business. He taught at the University of Alabama, traveling and publishing widely before retiring there as a Miller Professor in 2012. Married to Linda with two sons, Christopher and Richard, Dr. Hill divides his time between Athens, Georgia and Leicester, England.

Published: 2018
Page Count: 694