Nature's Party - Dancing In The Streets

By   Marjorie Brown-Anfelouss, Ed.D
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Nature’s Party – Dancing in the Streets

Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, Nature's Party - Dancing in the Streets depicts how the environment reacted to the absence of humans. When people were prevented from being outdoors, animals seized the opportunity to explore.

A blend of science, social studies, and history, this book shows how the environment is affected negatively by humans on a daily basis. The story can teach children about the pandemic and also encourage an interest in nature.

About the Author

Marjorie Brown-Anfelouss, Ed.D is a lifelong educator and learner, and she likes to say that she never really left school—from childhood to adulthood. Now a retired principal, she also taught for many years. In total, her experience in the field of education spans forty-three years.

Brown-Anfelouss recently relocated to Florida to assist with her aging and ailing mother. Brown-Anfelouss’s immediate family includes her husband Omar and her eleven-year-old daughter Rania-Amari, who was the inspiration for this book. Brown-Anfelouss’s son Gavin and her granddaughters Tatianna and Kayla are also extra special to her. Of course her brothers, nieces, and nephews help to complete who she is.

Because her niece and daughter are Girl Scouts, Brown-Anfelouss is involved with the organization as an Adult Member and a volunteer. Her hobbies include crotchet, cooking, and traveling in the U.S. and around the world. She is also working toward mastering playing the saxophone, and she hopes to someday play in a band.

Published: 2022
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