Nature Intervention: A Treatment For Autism Spectrum Disorder

By Dr. Albert Wireko Osei, PhD
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In Nature Intervention, Albert Wireko Osei, PhD provides an effective, sustainable, comprehensive and easy-to-implement special education treatment for individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With special attention to recent advances in early identification, diagnosis and the treatment of the disorder, this longitudinal study provides expert guidance, experiential narratives and problem-solving strategies for families, teachers, clinicians, students, researchers and individuals living with autism.

The book also provides a narrative account of fathering a child with autism and the experience provides readers with everything they want to know about the diagnosis, treatment, coping and healing strategies for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Practical knowledge and professional experiences supported with case studies are shared with readers throughout the book.

Readers will enjoy reading and learning about nature-based treatment intervention activities that are resourceful, practical, available and accessible to every individual on the Autism Spectrum, irrespective of their socio-economic and geographical location.

About the Author

Albert Wireko Osei, PhD is the Autism Treatment Specialist and the Clinical Director at the Vaughan Centre for Autism in the city of Vaughan, York Region, Ontario, Canada. His previous book: “Beginning with Brandon’s Interest” (2010), provides contextual narratives, document analysis, the understanding of school-based autistic behaviors, teacher education and the requisite special education treatments.

Dr. Osei has done extensive research in psychosocial rehabilitation for young adults with autism. This includes working hand-in-hand with other professional service providers and developing the required treatment programs to alleviate the behavioral disturbances and concerns associated with the disorder.

Dr. Osei specializes in developing innovative ways for conducting vocational assessments and rehabilitation intervention programs for adults with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders to help them transition from home to the workplace.

Dr. Osei is a member of the Ontario Psychological Association.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 332