Natalia Will I Ever Find You?

By Freddy Linares
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In late spring James Feanch and Elizabeth Flannigan had a fateful meeting at the entrance of Tiny Hill High School. There, love found its way into these teenagers’ hearts and a beautiful long-lasting romance ensued. After they completed their education they got married and had a beautiful baby girl whom they named Natalia.

Five years later misfortune arrived at their doorstep, uninvited. While Natalia was playing on the front porch of this young family’s home James inadvertently discovered that his precious Natalia was being snatched away from his life while he was shaving in the master bathroom of their two-story home. He went down to rescue Natalia who was shouting for help during the ordeal. When he got to her it was too late as he saw the assailants running away from the front porch with his daughter. The life of this young father became a horrifying nightmare. Would Natalia ever be found?

Join the author and find out how the life of this young family unfolded. Would Natalia ever return?

About the Author

Freddy Linares was born in the Dominican Republic and lived there until the age of sixteen. In April of 1971 he moved to the Bronx, New York, to join his mother, Lucrecia, who migrated there six years before. Upon arriving to the Bronx he went to visit his first cousins in Manhattan and experienced a culture shock because he could not understand what was being said around him. The language became a barrier but not an impossible obstacle. He was raised by a single mother who, although

illiterate, was a strong believer in the importance of getting a good education. That is the reason she brought him to this country. He knew that in order to be able to study he had to learn English. He undertook that task without the assistance of a teacher.

He is an avid reader and his passion is for ancient and classical history. He enjoys learning foreign languages and that is the reason why learning another language is the link to every other member of our human family.

Published: 2017
Page Count: 212