Names Of Oconee Kings And Villages Of Florida Compared With Their Meanings In Miccosukee

By H. Stephen Hale, PhD
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Names of Oconee Kings and Villages of Florida Compared with their Meanings in Miccosukee: The history of the Palacha Micco Oweeka Chumpa, the Oconee King Palatka, Micco Ahaya the Cowkeeper, Weoffkee the King of the Seminole, William Bartram, William Baldwin, the Oconee King Thomas Paine, Isapo’aya (Eshapoya) or Billy Bowlegs and Billy Bowlegs

Names examines an alternate explanation for the sudden disappearance of the Long Warrior and concomitant sudden appearance of King Thomas Paine who nobody knew anything about before 1786. It also explores the unusual education of Billy Bowlegs II and his sister.

Dr. William Simmons saw them at Horatio Dexter’s place and mentioned them being cared for at his home. Edward Wanton, the clerk at the Picolata Indian Store kept meticulous records and names of the Alachua Chiefs with the amount of debt they owed Panton, Leslie and Company. Sitarky, the second in command under Billy Bowlegs II may have been the son-in-law of Oconee King Thomas Paine. This different perspective on where Oconee King Thomas Paine may have come from stresses the value of being open to new information and paradigms. Many hold the perspective that history is finished with nothing more to be added. The author seeks to inspire people to be willing to entertain new ideas with fresh looks at old data.

About the Author

H. Stephen Hale, PhD was the first anthropologist to do archaeology among the Kuna in the Comarca de San Blas in Panama. While there he helped transcribe Kammu (flute) music, pictographic books, and study midden (refuse mound) formation. Hale studied Nahuatl in Mexico while mapping Totonac temple sites. He also translated for Kuna Natives of Panama studying Tenrikyo in Japan. Hale presently serves on a prescribed fire burn team for the Florida Park Service and a specialist for the removal of invasive, non-native plants from park properties. He is a trained First Aid Responder. Hale continues to support many of his Kuna friends in Panama and maintains friendships with people he met in Tenrikyo, Japan.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 64