Myths & Facts About Low Speed Collisions And Occupant Injury

By Dr. Thomas E. Dow
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This is a book of true/false questions designed to educate both doctors and personal injury attorneys on the dynamic of collisions and the injuries occupants of vehicles suffer and why. Dr. Thomas E. Dow has spent years treating individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents and work-related injuries. His expertise shines through in his informative book Myths & Facts About Low Speed Collisions and Occupant Injury.


I am an attorney in New York and have been practicing for over 20 years. Dr. Dow’s ability to testify in support of his patient treatment protocols is only rivaled by his ability to virtually cripple attempts of cross-examination. Simply put, when Dr. Dow is on the stand, I don’t need to do much or say much. - Angelo Rizzo, Esq.

The insurance companies and their attorneys often portray soft tissue injuries as mere sprains and strains with limited duration. This is especially true when your client's case involves low speed impacts with minimal damage. Dr. Thomas Dow has finally set the record straight with a concise yet copious book, which every personal injury practitioner who handles motor vehicle accidents will find indispensable. - Charles Bilello, Esq.

Dr. Thomas Dow is an authority on spinal injuries and as an expert has helped me maximize the value on many cases. Insurance companies have been promulgating and disseminating propaganda about low impact and minimal property damage accidents not being able to cause much occupant injury, They consistently insist that a plaintiff cannot be seriously injured in those types of accidents. Dr. Dow’s book is filled with conclusatory statements about low impact collisions based on medical and scientific evidence which acts as a guide on how to overcome all of the arguments insurance companies use to try to diminish the value of these cases. - James M. Cammarasana, Esq.

About the Author

Dr. Thomas E. Dow has a 40' Cruiser Yacht; his son Thomas F. Dow is his business partner and together they have three office locations on Long Island specializing in treatment of persons injured in motor vehicle accidents and work-related injuries. Dr. Dow is a cofounder and on the board of a group of 55 multidiscipline offices called with offices located all throughout Long Island and the boroughs specializing in the treatment of accident victims. He has also been a lecturer for decades regarding collision dynamics and occupant injury.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 80