My Worst Nightmare...: A Mother's Quest For Justice

By Pamela J. Ward
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About the Book

My Worst Nightmare…A Mother’s Quest for Justice details the real life experience of one mother, Pamela J. Ward, regarding the death of her only son in a horrific accident, how she lived through the grieving process, and later attempted to hold NASCAR fame, Tony Stewart responsible through a civil suit, to get the only justice she could. This heart-wrenching read is filled with every event that happened during the civil suit and the emotional toll it took on her entire family. For Ward, releasing the facts about the case was important, so everyone could discover the truth for themselves. Her tale holds the heart-breaking truth behind experiencing the loss of a child, how it completely impacts your life, and how one's quest and need for justice to hold the person accountable can ultimately consume and devastate your whole life.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 990

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The aftermath of the death of Kevin Ward, Jr., who was killed when hit by a Sprint racecar drive...

Pamela's manuscript of her experiences and emotions throughout the years following Kevin's death will tear at your heart strings. Her detailed description of her fight through the legal system shows her strength and determination to find justice. Witnesses' and experts' statements and depositions give detailed insight into the facts of the incident. So much information is shared that the book is hard to put down.

Kayla H.
About this book

This book walks through what a mother went through after losing her son in an accident with Tony Stewart. The beginning of the book is full of emotion and her feelings are very clearly received. Following Tony Stewart being free of criminal charges, this mother begins a search for justice through civil means. It details to the fullest extent every step of this process. Every detail along the way, every piece of evidence collected, it is all there. It includes all evidence received- even accident reconstruction reports from both sides and all depositions. This is the first release of actual facts and evidence in this case in written form. The ending is also heartfelt and tugs at the strings of the reader as this mother never gets the justice she so desperately searched for. This book is full of emotion and facts and ties it all together, presenting it nicely. Parts can be difficult to read, but keep reading- it will be worth it in the end.


This book is a combination of how injustice can add to an already tragic situation and how heart wrenching and distressful losing a child can be. Pam not only expresses deep pain within herself and her family, she also expresses the not knowing of who and what to trust in a system you rely on whole heartedly to bring the truth to light. There are parts of the book during the depositions you may find to be hard to follow or long but in a case such as this they are very important as they point out exactly what happened that awful night and how evidence that should have been taken and followed through was not. Throughout the book she also tells stories of and signs from her son that she will cherish forever and that has kept her going. She has done an amazing job with this book and all that she has endured! It is a must read, precisely written and beyond informative!