My Travels And What I Have Seen: The Log Book Of Arthur K. Long, 1875-1893

By George Graham Henry
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About the Book

annotated by George Graham Henry In 1875, a fourteen-year-old English lad went to sea. He ended his seafaring life in 1893, settling down to a most unadventurous life as a law clerk in Canada. This book is his actual log, annotated for publication by his grandson, along with carefully researched information about the ships in which he traveled. In addition, the book presents a charming compendium of advice and warnings for turn-of-the-century men and women. (Never marry a man who has sown much wild oats they are liable to spring up when and where you least expect them. Never compare [your children] with other children. It is humiliating & causes them to think of strong adjectives.)

About the Author

George Graham Henry, the authors grandson, was born in Canada and now lives in Berkeley, California. For this publication, he has carefully left Arthur K. Longs capitalizations, spellings, etc., exactly as they were in the original, except for minor adjustments for clarity's sake.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 74