My Story About My Chocolate Ice Cream Cone

By Linda Tackett Gibbs
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Danielle is a little girl with only one thing on her mind: a chocolate ice cream cone. Danielle's mother promises her ice cream if she does all her chores, but once Danielle's wish is granted, her luck turns sour.

Who Knew such a sweet treat could cause so much trouble?

About the Author

Linda Tackett Gibbs and her husband (Archie) have raised two daughters, Darcy and Leslie. They have three grandchildren. She loves children and children's stories, and has taken classes in Child Development. She has also worked with school children ages 3-6. Her mother was her inspiration for writing this book, and this song has been passed down through generations. Linda Tackett Giggs now lives in Richmond, Kentucky.

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Published: 2015
Page Count: 28