My Side: You Thought You Knew

By Fallon L. Taylor-Gray
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About the Book

In My Side: You Thought You Knew, a poetic account of a young black girls experiences growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, Fallon L. Taylor-Gray writes of: The scars too deep to heal by far too steep but real enough to grow me. Tho the streets didnt know me they preached to me boldly. Now I know its me only with no where to hide and me as my guide, adhering to the cries, no longer shaming from the eyes. In fact, correcting all the lies Its time for my side! This compilation offers an intimate and enlightening perspective on life through vivid imagery and terse language. My Side: You Thought You Knew is an emotional and honest reflection of Taylor-Grays struggles and triumphs.

About the Author

Fallon L. Taylor-Gray lives in Indiana, where she enjoys writing, music, dancing, skating, and body artwork. My Side: You Thought You Knew grew out of a need to express her thoughts and feelings about her own experiences. This is the first published collection of her poetry.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 68