My Name Is Planky, The Real-Life Story Of A True Underdog

By Russell D. Kornblut
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Planky is a mixed breed dog of Fox Terrier and Basenji. After being nurtured by his birth mother, he and his ten other siblings are unfortunately separated by destiny. But life for him doesnt end there. It is, in fact, a new start for this pup.

In My Name Is Planky, the Real-Life Story of a True Underdog, Plankyor Zack, his real namenarrates his experiences to which humans can also relate, from being born, to being saved from a shelter, to being taken care of by a loving family, to realizing how valuable life can be even for dogs like him.

Dogs may be around just to be mans companions and protectors, but when told from their perspective, this book offers a different view of how we, as humans, must treat and accept them in our lives.

Simply, My Name Is Planky, the Real-Life Story of a True Underdog is a humorous and interesting book for pet lovers and non-pet lovers alike that will broaden their understanding of animals feelings toward themselves, their masters, their fellow animals, and especially their God-given existence.

About the Author

Russell D. Kornblut has been practicing law as an attorney for twenty-five years. In fact, he is a partner at a law firm headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, at present. Today, he is a frequent lecturer and motivational speaker at National Continuing Legal Education seminars and high schools.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 110