My Name Is Not Leila

By Ahmed Amr
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The Midwest Book Review
“Set amid a backdrop of fierce fighting and war refugees, My Name Is Not Leila is a story of desperation, destruction, and the human struggle amid forces far greater than any one person, highly recommended.”

As British and German forces battle for control of North Africa, a young woman survivor of the eight month siege of Tobruk seeks refuge in Egypt. After having a passionate affair with a young cosmopolitan Alexandrian surgeon, she mysteriously disappears. Her obsessed lover goes searching for her in a desolate city living in the shadow of the epic battle of El Alamein only to find her ensnared in a brutal murder.

About the Author

Ahmed Amr, the former editor of, is an Arab American political commentator, peace activist and novelist. The son of an Egyptian diplomat, he grew up in Cairo, London and New York before settling in the majestic North West. He has travelled to over forty countries and lived for extended periods of time in Paris, Alexandria and Wellington, New Zealand. A prolific essayist, his work has been published in the Seattle Times, the Post Intelligencer, The Middle East Times, Dissident Voice and the Palestine Chronicle. He is the author of “Cilantro Dreams” and “The Sheep and the Guardians.”

Published: 2021
Page Count: 138