My Mom Is An Elf!

By Jon Haga
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As an elementary teacher, Jonathan Haga was always scared that a student would “ruin” Christmas for another by telling them the big secret about Santa. His book, My Mom Is an Elf!, helps to squash that possibility and instill the idea that Christmas is about family and believing in each other, as well as SANTA! It is up to all of us to bring the idea of everlasting spirit to life.

About the Author

As a father of a 1-year old, 5-year-old, and 6-year-old, Jonathan Haga knows the importance of Christmas and the immense joy it brings to his children and children around the world. He has a unique sense of this because he is also an elementary educator. He was a preschool and kindergarten teacher in Chicago and a 3-5th-grade teacher in Grand Rapids, MI. And now he is an elementary administrator in Grand Rapids. All of these experiences have led him to understand just how much joy are in children’s lives around the holidays. Jonathan has been fortunate enough to help children in need find that joy as well as ensure that his own children have the joy in their lives. He created this book to show that no matter your age it is okay to believe, and the true meaning of Christmas is family.

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 30