My "Me-Ness" Journey

By Pamela A. Reed
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As you walk your "Me-Ness" journey, you will be able to peel back the layers of suppression that have hidden your true beauty. Your challenge now is to learn to embrace, love, and like yourself regardless of the past or what tomorrow holds.

Learning to embrace yourself, or love yourself or like yourself is a challenge for many women. It is difficult because women have been suppressed on many levels of society which include the social, economic and academic worlds. They have been denied the opportunity to come into the fullness of who they are, making it difficult for them to understand and accept who they are -- strong, beautiful, gifted beings. More importantly, it has left women not knowing how to love themselves. Now prepare yourself for this unique and life-changing transformation!!

About the Author

Pamela A. Reed is a native Washingtonian currently residing in Silver Spring, Maryland. She began her career as a Federal Government employee before changing career paths to become an elementary school educator. It was during this time Pamela witnessed first-hand those issues young girls were experiencing due to a lack of confidence and an understanding of their self-worth and value. As a result, Pamela developed a program for pre-teens and teens. After seeing the positive impact of the program on youth, Pamela realized this was a “female” issue and thus, created the My "Me-Ness" Journey for women. As you go through this program there will be periods of painful revelations and the joys of embracing your unique "Me-Ness.” Open your mind and heart as we begin this "Me-Ness" journey together.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 216

Customer Reviews

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Belynda Gentry Retired Missions Pastor-
My “Me-Ness” Journey

I am thrilled to offer this review for the book, My "ME-ness" Journey by Pamela A. Reed.

I read two books a month and am very selective about what I read. So, when I chose this book I wanted to be engaged, encouraged, inspired and have something to share with other individuals in my circle of influence. Wow, My "ME-ness" Journey did all of the above!
I loved the book--it was and is a tremendous blessing. The ME-ness activities really helped me to look deep inside, to be honest with myself and challenge me to change where I needed to or to re-activate in areas that I had slacked off.
I absolutely found it refreshing to open each chapter with a poem. I found myself not just reading them, but getting out of my chair, standing and reciting them as if I wrote them myself.
I read the book in 11 days-- not wanting to go too fast, but at a pace to absorb all the nuggets of wisdom and to have time to ponder my next move. When I finished the book, I immediately took action on "fixing my body." I made an appointment for my physical--something that I needed to do, but had not made the time.
Finally, I want to say that completion of the book ignited a desire to have Pamela Reed come to a gathering I call the TNT Book Cafe and share. I plan to purchase the book for the attendees so they too can be inspired to incorporate the "ME-ness" journey as part of their life journey.

My “Me-Ness” Journey

Learning to embrace oneself or love yourself is for some a lifelong journey.
The author, Pamela Reed, knew the atrocities of our youth today. With a great love for our children, she saw a need and addressed it in a direct, well-thought-out plan to engage one as they read each chapter, followed with pages where you could actually respond. Action always
causes the mind to retain what’s read, what an outstanding way to engage her readers.
My “Me-Ness” journey is learning “To know myself, I must discover myself.” Today I ask the question “Who Am I?”
This truly is a book of action… It captures the heart, mind, and soul of the one who dares to read and engage in each activity that follows the chapter. I would like to refer to Pamela’s expertise and research as a developing of the new reader, a guide to living a true life… only true and contentment can follow…
I foresee a spiritual journey added to Pamela’s next workbook, study guide, daily devotional…
Thanks for putting your journey on written pages…
Including your daughters brings yet another dynamic of proof to your “Me-Ness” journey.
Awaiting your next chapters!

Lisa van Zalk
My “Me-Ness” Journey

Pam Reed’s “Me-ness Journey” is packed with inspirational words for women! Her spiritual-growth exercises help women to think differently
about themselves and release the self-negativity many women carry
around. Reed’s book is particularly good for young mothers who are
busy taking care of their family and forget the importance of
self-care. The Me-ness Journey teaches us the value in embracing
ourselves and loving that special person God made us to be! Thank you,
Pam Reed, for this up-lifting read.