My Lord, My God, My Heavenly Father Ii

By A Sinner
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Book II: My Lord, My God, My Heavenly Father

Why, God? Why me? Have you uttered these questions, pained by a sudden experience, drowning in sorrow, and wanting to just have some peace within?

Many times in our lives, we experience events that leave us with a scar that will never fade. The rush of emotions makes us want to find somebodyanybodyto whom we will lay the blame. Sadly the one who usually gets the blame for all of what we see as misfortunes is God. Yet God is easy to forgive. He loves us even though we repetitively sin.

Time is starting to run out, and God will be coming again, sooner than we might expect. We ought to show our love for Him for sending Jesus Christ our way to atone for our sins by sinning less every day.

It is indeed difficult to just turn our backs to wrongdoings, but little by little, our efforts will pay off and a better life hereafter will await us.

About the Author

I think you, the reader, might be wondering why I do not have my name or picture in either book. I didnt have the publisher put them in because I want the reader to concentrate on the context of the book, not on the author. Im not the important one in this bookthe Lord is! I pray that I didnt offend anyone in doing this. I didnt mean to!

I am greatly thrilled that the Lord would trust me, a sinner, with His words, and I pray I wrote them down as He wanted and that I am doing the right thing with them!

I thank you for buying my book, and I pray that you enjoy it! May God bless you!

Published: 2011
Page Count: 32