My Life's Journey

By Tim Cronin
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My Life’s Journey chronicles the obstacles Tim Cronin encountered growing up with autism. Through all of his trials and tribulations, the author faces challenges with optimism and joy that he finds in Metal music and the greatest roller coasters that the United States has to offer. The author hopes that the reader will learn to remain positive no matter what life throws at them and to know that you’re never alone in life: there are always other people out there that have similar battles to fight.

About the Author

Tim Cronin grew up in the borough of Trafford, a borough so small that residents have to cross the Trafford Bridge towards Monroeville and North Versailles to see a movie or go to a park. During the summertime, Cronin loves to go to different amusement parks and ride roller coasters. He also enjoys travelling and hanging out with friends and family.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 64