My Life With The Unbelievably Awesome God

By Theodore M. Adam
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About the Book

My Life with the Unbelievably Awesome God is the account of how God took a sinner who was lost and gave him the will and the strength to create a life that had value and purpose.

Life does come with an instruction book, the Bible and an instructor Jesus Christ, if we choose to follow their guidance. I have not made a big splash in my life, but I am convinced that God has been my guide and I strive to follow His instructions. At seventy-four I am just beginning to understand how special each person is to our Creator. If readers do not get anything else from my story, I hope they will see that God does have a plan for every life, and that He is working His plan and you are included in that plan, voluntarily or by default, (default is not a good choice). I look forward to seeing all His followers with our Creator when His plan is completed.

About the Author

These days, Theodore M. Adam’s community involvement is helping care for his twin grandchildren, and at times that can be a challenge, but one he enjoys. His hobbies and interests have changed over time—from leather work and painting to improving what ever home he finds himself in. His current interest in spiritual matters is the result of God’s leading and placing a burden on his heart to let as many people as possible know that God is preparing to take the next step in His plan. Adam is not a joiner, for good or bad, he is somewhat of a loner, although he keeps trying to be more social. Apparently, God is not finished with him yet.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 180