My Life Changing Stories

By Bob (Tuson) Latchison
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Throughout each major event in his life, author Bobby R. (Tuson) Latchison grew in his relationship with God, Who has always been there for him to help him get back on his feet again.

We all have a testimony, a story, a voice. Through all of our pain, heartache, and confusion in life, we must always remember to turn to God to find hope and strength.

About the Author

Bobby R. (Tuson) Latchison was raised in a family with great love for each other and learned how to respect other people. He learned how to work hard and be proud of what he has accomplished in his life.

Believing in God and Jesus Christ and all the blessings that He has done for him makes Bobby graceful and appreciative of life.

Published: 2019
Page Count: 102