My Journey Through Life

By Chief Sir, Prof. Alexander D. Wozuzu Acholonu
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My Journey Through Life critically records and celebrates my life from Chief Sir, Prof. Alexander D. Wozuzu Acholonu’s earliest beginnings through his educational struggles accentuating challenges he has faced and how he has been able to surmount them; Professor Acholonu’s career as an academician and public service man and the traumas therein; and also my endeavors in the social and community circles. His personal philosophies and beliefs form part of this full length work.

It is important for; among other things, historical recording of things that happened to Chief Sir, Prof. Alexander D. Wozuzu Acholonu in life and those directly and indirectly related to him. It has eleven varied chapters spiced up with the author’s views about the Igbos, which is his race. It has historical flavor that covers not only things about Professor Acholonu, but also about his town, his place of birth. He has summed up his accomplishments under Chapter 6 where he dwelt on his titles, laurels, and professional affiliations.

This is an original first work that may serve as a reference work for future generations of not just the Acholonu family, but others outside Professor Acholonu’s nucleus family. It is a milestone and written for posterity. It is recommended to scholars of history, to Awaka people, to Igbos at large, and to mankind as a whole. It is written in simple form to facilitate comprehension and made picturesque with the belief in the Chinese proverb that says that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. The chapters are chronological as much as possible and logically sequenced.

It is hoped that it will become an eye-opener to the Acholonu family, the Awaka people, the Imo people, and Nigeria as a whole. It is expected to be a resource book, a reference book, and an archival book for posterity.

It is written for the students of history. Because of its historical content, it belongs in the library or on the desk of every Awaka indigene as well as academicians, government officials, and all and sundry who love reading autobiographies and widening their scope of knowledge. It has recorded what may be a novelty for many.

About the Author

Chief Sir, Prof. Alexander D. Wozuzu Acholonu is a professor of Biology at Alcorn State University, Mississippi. He was born at Awaka in Owerri North Local Government Area (LGA) of Imo State, Nigeria on November 30, 1932. He got his secondary education at Christ the King College, Onitsha, Anambra State in 1952, his Ph.D degree from Colorado State University, For Collins, Colorado in 19664 and a Continuing Education Certificate in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene from Tulane University, Louisiana in 1994.

He is a professor of Biology with diverse experience in Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, Environmental Biology, Ecology and in fact, Human Anatomy and Physiology. For more than five decades, professor Acholonu instructed in various aspects of Biological Sciences to various students at various levels and various institutions at various places. His adroitness in field of Biology and his enormous contributions to scholarship, especially in Medical Microbiology and Parasitology, earned him a remarkable place in the world of science. As a result of this, he was admitted into the fellowship of Nigeria Academy of Science, in 1992. Equally, many other academic and professional bodies in the field of Medical, Natural and Applied Sciences have recognized his contributions to Science.

Professor Acholonu’s career in academics is interspersed with administrative responsibilities. He has served in academic positions in the USA and his country of birth, Nigeria. Amongst several positions, Acholonu has served as Departmental Chair, College Dean, Faculty Senate member and also Faculty Senate president. He was the first and only Rector of the defunct College of Technology, Amaigbo, Imo State Nigeria now called school of Health Sciences. He served on the Governing Council of old Imo State University (IMSU) when it was located at Uturu and he later became the Pro-Chancellor and chairman of Governing Council of IMSU.

Dr. Acholonu has not allowed his career in academics to prevent him from carrying out Community services. He was a Board Member of former Owerri Community Bank in Imo State of Nigeria in which he helped to establish. He is also the founder and the president of Willy-Esther Foundation, and also a member of a number of community based organizations. The Eze (Traditional Ruler) of Amaigbo conferred on him, a chieftaincy title, Ogbuhorouzo 1 of Amaigbo, which means the first PATHFINDER. The Eze of Ihitta Ogada also gave him chieftaincy title of Ekwueme 1 of Ihitta Ogada. The Eze of Emii equally in recognition of his academic, professional, organizational and community development contributions conferred on him the third title of Omereoha (The caregiver of all). This title, more than anything else, synchronizes with the visions of his Willy-Esther Foundation. He is a true philanthropist.

Professor Acholonu has numerous publications especially in the area of public health and engaged in many radio and television programs. He is currently the Editor-in-chief of Advances in Science and Technology Journal. Prof. Acholonu is a recipient of numerous professional, academic, and service excellent awards and accolades. He not only belongs or belonged to many academic and social organizations but held positions of leadership in many of them.

He traveled far and wide (up to 51 countries) doing research, acquiring and imparting knowledge.

Chief Sir, Prof. Alexander D. Wozuzu Acholonu is married to Lolo Mary Ekeoma Acholonu (MS). They have several grown up children and 16 grandchildren.

Published: 2019
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