My Journey In Getting That Ed.D.: My Memoir

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About the Book

My Journey in Getting That Ed.D.: My Memoir 

By Richard S. Baskas, Ed.D.

After years of researching, writing, editing again and again, Richard S. Baskas, Ed.D., finally completed his doctorate degree. In this insightful memoir, Dr. Baskas shares his experiences while going on this educational journey. Before beginning his studies, he did not realize the monumental task the lay ahead. This memoir shares the challenges and joys that come with pursuing a doctorate and contains valuable lessons for anyone wishing to venture on this path themselves. 

About the Author

Richard S. Baskas, Ed.D., is a GED teacher at a local USP. In his spare time he enjoys researching genealogy and has published articles on the subject. 

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 40