My Grateful Book

By Angie Diaz-Cervo
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When life begins to get you down, and you find yourself feeling unlucky, victimized, or just unhappy in general, have you ever sat down and considered the things in your life that you should be thankful for? Its so easy to take for granted our daily lives and everything that fills them, but if you stop and take a careful look, youll find that youre blessed to have so many of the things that come your way. In a sense, thats what Angie has done with My Grateful Book. Here she lists the many things in her life with which God has blessed her and for which she is truly grateful her children, her career path, her team, her family, her education, her belongings, and so much more. By considering all of the wonderful things that Angie finds filling her life, you too will be inspired to relish all of the good, fulfilling, and satisfying things that are a part of you.

About the Author

Angie was born in Haiti, her mother Haitian and her father Cuban, but now makes her home in New Jersey with her husband, Jose; they share four children. With an associates degree as a radiology technologist, she is now an entrepreneur and has been an attendee member of Abundant Life Worship Center for ten years. She is now a member of the Agape Family Worship Center, and Educational Funding Company. Angie enjoys writing, reading, fashion, martial arts, and travel. Angie will donate 50 percent of the profits and royalties after taxes to orphanages and schools for the less fortunate.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 32