My Grandma, My Hero

By Melva Vizcarrondo-Guevara
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Come and join Jasmine as she takes her young son, Jonathan, on a journey to her past. My Grandma, My Hero will take you on an exciting trip to Puerto Rico, where Jasmine and her sister are to spend a year with their grandmother. During Jasmines stay in Puerto Rico, she learns about her amazing ancestors and has a year of adventures. She learns just how unfriendly a hen can be, survives a large storm, wins an impressive award in school, and falls in love with her amazing grandmother. Grandma Laura is faster than a speeding train, as powerful as a super hero, and the kindest hearted person the two girls have ever met. Read My Grandma, My Hero to be reminded just how much fun it can be to spend some time at Grandmas house.

About the Author

Melva Vizcarrondo-Guevara was inspired to write My Grandma, My Hero while she was recounting stories of her own childhood to her children. Melva, a native of Puerto Rico, lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two children. In addition to writing, Melva enjoys traveling, golfing, bowling, and working on her computer. She is currently a student at Cameron University where she is majoring in romance language.

Published: 2007
Page Count: 58