My Experience On Reducing Stress

By Ahmed Aldawas
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Ahmed Aldawas is no stranger to stress and anguish. It is through his own painful experiences that he has come to reflect on his life and provide unique and refreshing insight on the debilitating condition known as stress.

From breaking down the bodys physical reaction to stress to understanding the importance of changing your way of thinking in the face of adversity, fear, loneliness and distress, Aldawas sheds light on the workings of the mind and how it relates to the physical body. According to Aldawas, conquering stress is all about finding a balance in your life. To overcome stress, you need to change your thinking, says Aldawas.

Through positive thinking, exercise and a healthy diet, Aldawas gives the reader a realistic plan for defeating those demons that can drastically alter your lifestyle and impact your life. Aldawas draws on scientific evidence to unlock the power of conquering stress as he guides the reader through the journey of finding peace, happiness and a balanced lifestyle. From the power of meditation and prayer to understanding the origins of fear and anger, Aldawas simplifies the workings of the mind and encourages readers to find their own path to a healthy and happy life.

About the Author

Aldawas is a retired Kuwait diplomat who served from 1973 to 2009. After receiving a Bachelors degree in economics and political science, he joined the ministry of foreign affairs in 1973 and traveled extensively throughout his thirty-six-year career, holding diplomatic posts in Sudan, Yugoslavia, New York, Brazil, and Argentina. As a result, Aldawas is fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Aldawas currently lives in Kuwait with his wife, Muradi; they have one daughter, Heba. He enjoys writing, reading, photography, and weather forecasting in his spare time.

After experiencing a five-year period of debilitating stress, Aldawas made a commitment to change his life for the better. He changed his way of thinking and adopted a number of coping techniques, both of which are detailed in his first, published novel, My Experience on Reducing Stress. Through this book he hopes to share his experience and insight with others who are suffering from stress.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 74