My Doctor Said, "Trust Me"

By Beth Bach
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Beth Bach had a passionate zeal for living and for adventure that has characterized her entire life. This very zeal supported her as arthritis began to consume her knees, requiring bilateral knee replacements.

In My Doctor Said, “Trust Me” Bach describes the painful repercussions that haunted her when these surgeries were performed poorly. She struggled to regain the full use of her knees. Abandoned by her doctors, Bach had no alternative but legal recourse.

Bach hopes that her testimony will inspire young physicians to always retain the sense of compassion and empathy that initially attracted them to the medical field. She understands that mistakes can happen, but thinks that all parties benefit most when these problems are candidly discussed with patients and their families.

About the Author

As she laid in a hospital bed recovering from peritonitis, the result of a ruptured appendix, young Beth Bach promised God that if He gave her her life back, she would use it to help save others’ lives. After her full recovery, this promise prompted her to become a registered nurse. Bach served in the Army Nurse Corps from 1970-1972 and worked most of the remaining years of her nursing career at a Veterans Hospital. She did not want to work as a nurse if she could not continue caring for veterans. Bach loved her job and thanked God for the talents she had to be the best nurse she could be. She received several awards for her work, including the Nurse of the Year award.

Now that she is retired, Bach’s interests include photography, drawing, painting, reading, and spending time with her husband and their three cats in the majestic mountains of Colorado.

Published: 2017
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