My Deepest Empathy

By Micky Florence
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About the Book

It is never easy when a loved one passes. When her mother passed away, Micky Florence wrote this book as a gift to her dad to help him cope with the devastating time in their life.

My Deepest Empathy is a comforting book that can serve as a way that loved ones can express support and love to a person they care about at a time of loss or grief.

About the Author

Micky Florence is a mother of two children, who resides with her spouse in California. She has her Masters Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and worked as a clinician specializing in substance abuse and addiction. Prior to that she served in the military for 8 years as an Arabic Linguist.

Micky finds inspiration for art and writing everywhere. She appreciates authors and artists everywhere. She wishes to extend credit to Brene Brown for offering the distinction between sympathy and empathy, and to Elizabeth Gilbert for encouraging creativity in all places in life. These two authors inspired the work in this book and offered comfort in the darkness of grief. Through art we can all heal.

Published: 2022
Page Count: 30