My Body Is A Sacrifice

By Meme P
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About the Book

My Body is a Sacrifice holds within valuable lessons for children to understand their bodies are special and how to properly care for them both physically and spiritually. Written in a play format, parents and children can have fun playing their roles in each of the short stories while also learning the importance of brushing your teeth, taking a bath, getting changed, and protecting your body from a biblical perspective. This new approach to learning is a fun time for the whole family!

About the Author

After working as a postal worker for over thirty-four years, Meme P. is now retired. She is a mother to two children and grandmother to four grandchildren. Being strong of faith, Meme P. has taught in the children’s church and Sunday school for over thirty-five years as well as mentored a women’s group at her previous church for four years. In 2014, she received her calling from God but is not yet ordained. She graduates May 2022, at Ohio Christian University and remains active in her current church. She is also active as a board member of her HOA community.

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Published: 2022
Page Count: 30