My Best Days, Your Worst Nightmare

By L. Taylor
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Corey Foster is a young medical student with a full football scholarship. The world is at his feet and his prospects are limitless. Then, one fateful day, he becomes entangled with a psychotic woman and her scheming family. As Corey attempts to devise a plan that will allow him to escape, the woman and her mother frame Corey with false child assault and drug dealing charges. As his world lies in ruins, his future is dark. Corey becomes consumed by thoughts of revenge, and a most horrible revenge it is. We watch him as he slowly and artistically arranges the fate of his antagonists. Not death death would be too quick and easy. No Corey uses his specialized knowledge to arrange a twisted, chilling reward for their evil schemes and carries it through with a fiendish delight. A murder mystery of epic proportion, My Best Days, Your Worst Nightmare uncovers the brightest thoughts born in the darkest corners of the human mind; A place in which your thoughts are truly your own, not to be discovered, discussed, or argued by anyone other than you.

About the Author

L. Taylor graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi with a bachelor of science in psychology, and it is obvious that this novel draws heavily on his professional background. He is single, continues to live in and enjoy the South, and his main interest is writing. He is a man of strong faith, who always attempts to do his best and to encourage others to do the same.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 124