My Beautiful Colors

By Nyibol Bior
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When she first walked into an American high school as a substitute teacher, Nyibol Bior was bullied for being black, and My Beautiful Colors was originally a chapter in her autobiography as a section meant to educate the world that she’s black for a reason.

Sudan means "land of the blacks" in Arabic, and this region has one of the hottest climates on the planet, so it's no wonder her creator made her black, to ensure her skin color protected her from the sun. She could not just write about how black is beautiful because it is not the only color she’s attracted to, and she could not just stick to the trauma that war brought upon her because her presence as an alien in the United States left many curious.

Using various colors metaphorically, Nyibol describes the events of the Sudan's Second Civil War, the life that preceded and followed it, along with her vision as a survivor of it. Colors have multiple and opposite meanings, and it's up to her what side of the description she wants to be on, the way it's up to her to treat herself and others with respect and dignity. If the red form of hate is introduced, then she will find a way to make red the color of love before it.

About the Author

Nyibol Bior is blessed with an opportunity to work with children as a teacher, and she has a large family of eight. They all came here as refugees from the northeastern country in Africa, the Sudan. There is supposed to be thirteen total, but the war took some of the lives of her siblings. In spite of this, those of them who are still alive are all adults working as professionals in various fields in the United States, including the arts, teaching, accounting, government, and journalism.

Nyibol’s family is a success story of survival after the brutal Second Civil War of Sudan left them to become refugees. Life in the United States for her has mostly gone from thriving for success as a student to working as a teacher, but like most people, she has hobbies and special interests too. She likes to travel, hike, camp, exercise to stay in shape, and read and write her refugee story. She has told her refugee story to different venues, including KDNK


and Raven Narratives

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Published: 2021
Page Count: 30