My Adventures In Aging: Worts And All

By Flora Massaro
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Everybody likes stories, whether they’re reading or hearing them. And everyone has a story, ei-ther as a short peek into some snippet of their life or a painful look back at drama or remembering and smiling again at a past humorous happening. The trick to surviving life is to jump in and experience it before asking ‘how deep?’, then dry off, sit still and listen, learn and toughen up from the hurt or just chuckle all over again when you find the lighter side of your life.
I guess you can call this book a memoir. I look at it as just an ordinary old woman’s collection of stories from her ordinary life. Rather than use the general narrative form of memoir literature, I tell my life in simple stories about who I was as a kid, and then a young mother coping with kids, marriages, friends and suburban life and then growing into the old woman I am now, still trying to live a responsible but fun life, always looking for the bright side. This book is a collection of a lot of that.

About the Author

Flora Massaro is a natural-born klutz with a strong desire for fun and adventure. Retired, she di-vides her time between walking into walls and tripping over carpet fiber loops and running amok with a group of like-minded women friends. Flora and her band of merry widows enjoy WORTs, (their acronym for Women Only Road Trips and named because they have found that men can be detrimental to fun road trips because most males don't stop often enough for bathroom breaks or to ask for directions). Flora's daughter and two grandsons spend a good deal of their time trying to keep her settled down and out of trouble but so far Massaro has been able to thwart their cruel and inhumane plans. Living in an Arizona retirement community that she calls Viagara Falls, Flora continues to squeeze more fun and adventure out of life every chance she gets.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 124