Musings Of An Old Warrior

By William Russell Hardick
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What better way to live life but to listen to the advices of those who lived before us.

In Musings of an Old Warrior, William Russell Hardick puts into words his visions of what may come and happen in the world, in general, and in the future.

What Hardick tells is not just a depiction of the outlook but warnings as well for the people, especially the younger generations, in order to take caution and to realize for themselves that those occurrences are in fact happening in our society, little by little, repeating history, and detailing reality.

Hardick also represents each individuals experience or journey, whether by his or her profession or simply his or her way of living, for example, a journalists role in the society, a man on the avenue, a man who fell in love with a woman, etc.

About the Author

William Russell Hardick is a native of Middletown, New York, but now resides in Valliant, Oklahoma.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 188