Music Of The Soul: Prelude

By Carlana Van Houten
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Music of the Soul

Music of the Soul is about a young girl who discovers one day that she can do something very special and powerful. This discovery leads to her being kidnapped by a secret society that will train her to control herself and her power. While she learns more about herself, she must endure bullying from others and a power deity that wants to possess her, body, and soul. This story seeks to bring awareness to the world about the stigma surrounding mental health as well as how to tackle that stigma. It was inspired by the author’s own experiences with mental illness.

About the Author

Carlana Van Houten is a caregiver and a mental health advocate. She loves to read, write, swim and play video games. One of her favorite places is the beach. She is the eldest of four siblings and was raised by her grandparents. Van Houten crochets, as well as goes to conventions and cosplays.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 302