Multy: The Search To Belong...A Story Of Hope

By Carolyn Ashe Stokes
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About the Book

Multy was a soft, pretty, and cuddly kitten who liked to wander from her familiar surroundings searching for new adventures. But not all adventures prove to be pleasant. One day while looking for new friends with whom she could play, Multy found white cats, black cats, brown cats, and grey cats but no playmates. It seems no one wanted a different-looking cat playing with them. Whats wrong with Multy that no one wants to play with her? Will Multy ever find friends that will accept her and all her differences, just as she is? Carolyn Ashe Stokess Multy: The Search to BelongA Story of Hope proves to be more than a childrens story as it probes the reader to introspect upon their own willingness to accept the differences of others. This charming allegory presents a story of hope to those searching for an identity and a place to belong.

About the Author

When Carolyn Ashe Stokes moved to California with her husband Joseph and three children, she wrote Multy: A Search to BelongA Story of Hope to help Michael, Monica, and Craig adjust to a new and hostile school environment. Studies in consciousness and the arts have led Stokes to become a consultant of Family Management Education and a mentor of both teachers and leaders in her community. Stokes offers this allegory and its symbolism to stimulate hope, guidance, belonging, and pride in the young people of our diverse society.

Published: 2003
Page Count: 32