Multi Streak Iii: Have Tech, Will Travel

By Kenneth Musser
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Imagine a world of the future, one in which technology not only makes our lives easier, but creates whole new worlds. Imagine whole new galaxies for humanity to populate and continue to dream dreams of technological innovations and heavenly speculation. With his familiar dazzling prose, Kenneth Musser has created such a world of dreams, technology, and futuristic thinking in Multi-Streak III: Have Tech, Will Travel. Also utilizing free-form poetry, he invites us to dream, imagine, visualize, create, and plan. With his mind in the stars and his fingers on the pulse of the future, Kenneth Musser has again innovatively stimulated the minds of the forward-thinking people of planet Earth.

About the Author

A retired designer, inventor, author, and poet, Kenneth Musser hails from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and now resides in eastern Pennsylvania. In his spare time he enjoys working with electronics and has published numerous books with Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc., including Multi-Streak I and Multi-Streak II, the predecessors to Multi-Streak III.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 40