Mr. Tallue Saves The Animal Shelter

By Ariane Hickenbaucker
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Oh no, the animal shelter is in such bad shape that the city is going to close it! Where will all the cute little animals go? Mr. Tallue Saves the Animal Shelter follows our once-grumpy hero as he works with his community and friends to help raise money to restore the shelter so the animals will have a lovely and safe place to wait until they go to their forever homes.

About the Author

Ariane Hickenbaucker has always loved children, raising four of her own. She also raised a granddaughter, introducing her to the theater and making her costumes as she performed in a play every three months. She enjoys going to the theater and seeing the live plays in small community theaters as well as the more extravagant productions. While writing, the author is in the character’s life. It puts you in another place, and while being in the character’s mind, it takes you out of the realm of what’s going on in your life.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 36