Mr. Froggie Meets Mr. Owl

By Linda P. Vakos
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About the Book

Mr. Froggie Meets Mr. Owl is a childrens story about a very happy little green frog who lives in the backyard at a little girl named Maceys grandparents house. She comes to visit all the time and is friends with Mr. Froggie. Mr. Owl meets Mr. Froggie one day and decides he wants to live there, too. The two become best friends, but Mr. Froggie is still worried that Mr. Owl will not understand when he reveals his favorite food.

This story is about their friendship and learning that to be friends, its important to share.

About the Author

Mrs. Vakos is a resident of Virginia Beach, Virginia. She and her husband, John, have a son, Matthew. She loves telling her granddaughter stories and was inspired to write this one for her. Vakos enjoys reading, writing, and traveling. She has previously published a work of poetry. This is her first work in book form.

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Published: 2011
Page Count: 32