Mr. Do-Go Bus

By Paula Testerman
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Inspired by issues faced by many children, Paula Testerman brings the story of Mr. Do-Go Bus. Being older and replaced by newer models, Mr. Do-Go Bus learns just how much love is in his town and how much the town’s people have love for him. Being picked on by the newer models, Mr. Do-Go Bus’s story shows kids how to handle being bullied and to think about one’s actions before they act.

About the Author

Paula Testerman is the author of two other children’s books. Ms. Testerman has forty years’ experience working with elderly and disabled persons. She enjoys crafts, jewelry making, clay working, and painting. Ms. Testerman has a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, a Master’s degree in business, and a degree in occupational therapy.

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Published: 2023
Page Count: 38