Mr. And Mrs. Bluebird Find A Home

By Sue MacIvor
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This delightful tale was inspired by a true story. MacIvor and her husband were sitting outside on their deck when a male bluebird found the birdhouse in their backyard. He did call for the female bluebird; she came to his call. The sparrows did attack the bluebirds. The bluebirds won and did build their nest in the birdhouse. 

About the Author

Sue MacIvor was born and raised in central Ohio in the rural community of Marysville. It was there she developed her love of nature. She has always been interested in communicating that love of nature to children; hence this little book.

She is a retired practical nurse currently living in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband of forty years. She enjoys her children and grandchildren and is blessed to have them living close by.

Her enjoyments beyond her family include cooking, baking, and reading Amish fiction. Her favorite time is in the evening on her back deck watching the many birds in their activities.

Published: 2020
Page Count: 30