Mountains And Valleys

By Charlotte E. Harris
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About the Book

Life is a series of Mountains and Valleys. We all have our good days and our bad days, our high and low points, our ups and our downs. However, because with God all things are possible, we can turn our bad days, low points, and downs our valleys into positive, uplifting, and inspirational experiences our mountains which can only benefit our fellow travelers on this Christian journey. Charlotte E. Harris has seen her fair share of Mountains and Valleys and she has come to find her strength, her hope, and her support in the Word of God. In doing so, she has come to realize just how much love God has for us and how grateful we should be to His son, Jesus, for sacrificing his life for our salvation. Sharing Gods message of love and salvation through her inspirational and prayerful message, Ms. Harris hopes to uplift others and help them turn their valleys into mountains.

About the Author

A native of Delaware, Charlotte E. Harris and her husband, DuShaun, presently reside in Maryland, where they are raising two sons, Jahlani and Malik. Retired from the United States Air Force, Ms. Harris now enjoys writing, traveling, and teaching Bible study classics.

Published: 2004
Page Count: 44