Mother Was A Militant Conservationist: A Treatise On Vagabonding, Rock Climbing, Kayaking And Advocacy

By J. Ingvar Anderson
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Mother was a Militant Conservationist concerns Anderson’s authentic stories of being raised inside a nature center inside of NJ state park during the heart of the 1960s environmental movements. The story follows Anderson through his adventures in rock climbing, his life as a vagabond using magic mushrooms and LSD, thirty years of being an ER nurse, and learning lessons in advocacy, NJ politics, and much more. His stories seek to show that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. It is vital to remember to fight the good fight, overcome adversity, and always seek adventure.

About the Author

J. Ingvar Anderson grew up inside a nature center. He started rock climbing and kayaking in 1972. As an adult, he traveled on business to Far East Russia and was in the middle of the Russian Constitutional Crisis of 1993. He was a practicing RN in emergency medicine for over twenty-five years which showed him the many facets of humanity. Before being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he lived a very active life of rock climbing, ice climbing, and kayaking. After MS, he took up international trade and advocacy. He has published numerous articles on various topics including maritime affairs, injury control, healthy communities, and ecological issues.

Published: 2021
Page Count: 146