By Florida J. Lacy
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In this diverse collection of original poetry, poetess Florida J. Lacy frankly shares her innermost thoughts about life, love, loss, and her personal observations of the world around her by revealing her Moods through verse. Through poems such as Heres My Chance, Spending My Life with You, and Make Up Your Mind, she speaks of her longing for that special someone on whom her heart has focused its goal: Who can you find
who will spend the time
to focus you mind
When will I find
that your love is mine? While in Happiness, Feels So Good, The Essence of You, and You Complete Me, she reveals her utter contentment at obtaining her hearts desire and achieving true love: You complete me
giving inner peace
to a lost mind
that was stuck in time Combining evocative images, sensitive language, and personal details, Florida J. Lacys Moods will amplify your own feelings as you partake of this rich banquet of hearts desires.

About the Author

Residing in her native Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Florida J. Lacy is a graduate of Germantown High School who is presently attending Community College of Philadelphia towards an Associates Degree in Business Management while working full time. In her spare time she enjoys reading, singing, listening to music, and writing.

Published: 2006
Page Count: 40