Mommy And Me

By Mary Ellen Murdock Kanady
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Being a single mother can be hard, but the reward is knowing theres a loving little person you created who simply adores you and loves spending time with you! Mommy and Me is a wonderful expression of the bond between a mother and daughter that includes endearing illustrations both you and your child will enjoy time and time again as you discover all the things you do that make your child thankful to have you in her life.

About the Author

A native of New York, Mary Ellen Murdock Kanady currently resides in Ashburn, Virginia. She has two children, Shane Michael and Crystal Lynn, and one granddaughter, Kayliegh. Mary Ellen enjoys crafts, gardening, interior design, working out, taking walks, bike riding, tag sales, and spending time with her family. When asked what inspired her to write this book, Mary Ellen said, My daughter and a close friend are both single mothers. Single mothers build the foundation, nourish, guide, and complete the family for their children to achieve their goals and dreams.

Published: 2008
Page Count: 32