Mommi & Daddy: Get Me Ready For The World

By KD Allen
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Mommi & Daddi: Get Me Ready for the World

…So You Want Your Newborn to Have an Edge

The brain is a beautiful creation. Even with the obvious things it can do, it can also pick up on things even when we don’t know it’s doing so. That’s why KDAllen wrote this book.

The brain should be operating even before we are born because a baby already knows how to do different functions when he/she is born. So the brain is turned on while still inside the mother. Studies show babies can hear and learn while still in the womb, and babies can come out smarter because of neurons in the brain being stimulated while in the womb.

For the most part, we are capable of learning a vast array of things. But the world sometimes, with its endless abyss, will not allow us to learn what we want, but what IT wants. The newborns will hopefully make the world better for everyone as they get older. Knowledge is key.

Published: 2022
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